The Black Diamond

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November 21, 2012 by Matt

Working from home has always had a lot of advantages, wherever I’ve lived, but lack of variety is definitely one of the disadvantages, especially as there’s never anyone else around to distract you. So on Monday morning I thought I’d try some new scenery for the day and went to Copenhagen’s striking Royal Library, housed in the Black Diamond on the waterfront.

It was a beautifully sunny morning and by the time I arrived at 9.45am the library was already (quietly) buzzing with people, mostly students, beavering away on their laptops in one of the reading rooms. I didn’t have any calls to make but did have lots of Danish to study so for me it was perfect too.

There’s a decent cafe too, looking out on to the canal and there were several tourists wondering around too, so it’s a great place to know whether you’ve got work to do or if you just fancy seeing one of Copenhagen’s architectural highlights.

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