Danish lunch

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November 26, 2012 by Matt

We took a trip out to the Copenhagen suburbs yesterday to catch up with Dorte’s family at my mother- and father-in-law’s house. Knowing a native family is definitely a brilliant way to settle in to a new country – if you’re not marrying a local when you move abroad, then make darned sure you get to know your neighbours or something!

Danish lunch is a site to behold. Smørrebrød is the name given to the open sandwiches that they do so well here (that link goes through to DanishSandwich.com!), and as a lifelong sandwich fan myself (well, I am British), the discovery of these things early on in my relationship with Dorte was a real eye-opener. In fact, to the left is the picture I took of Dorte’s very first lunch that she made for me, long before the thought of moving to Denmark had entered our minds.

Generally on ryebread, but sometimes white, each piece has a strategically arranged series of toppings on it, all designed to work together. It’s a traditional meal I’d say, so don’t expect to be including them in any dieting plans.

But to yesterday, and Lis and Jørgen’s. Lis, as is the universal way of mothers, always provides a magnificent feast, so while I practiced my Danish (I have my next module exam tomorrow), we tucked in to fried plaice, herring, prawns, fishcakes & remoulade (the yellow Danish mayonnaise-type sauce), salmon & egg, pate & bacon and the centrepiece, a perfect piece of roast pork with crackling. And a selection of beers with Swedish Snaps, courtesy of Jørgen. And I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things too.

And of course it won’t be open sandwiches, but yesterday’s lunch still got me excited about Christmas eve dinner at the Laursens house, which I’m looking forward to even more now!

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