Michael Kiwanuka at Vega

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November 29, 2012 by Matt

We popped round the corner to the Michael Kiwanuka concert at Store Vega last night (you know, the one I wrote a preview for in the Copenhagen Post).

As I’m now well into my thirties the novelty of going to gigs has long since worn off, so to qualify as a “good gig” it helps if the concert is local (Vega is only a five minute walk for us), not too packed, and I can get a good sightline. Simple rules for a happy gig, if a little curmudgeonly. And if the music is good too, then it becomes a “great gig” (though I generally don’t buy tickets if I’m not pretty confident that the artist will deliver the goods live).

Well, Michael Kiwanuka ticked all of those boxes, so I can happily stand by my glowing preview. I’d like more shows like that please.

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