The Storm P. Museum

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February 4, 2013 by Matt

On the corner of Frederiksberg gardens, not far from the place that sold this amazing hot chocolate, there’s a small museum dedicated to a Danish cartoonist and satirist called Storm P.

I’d never heard of him until we walked past the museum recently, but I’m a big fan of cartoon artwork so made a trip there yesterday to find out more. Robert Storm Petersen (to give him his full name) died in 1949, and I was pleased to see he was one of those old fashioned humorists that didn’t shy away from the macabre or sinister to make his point. The picture below entitled Modern Science illustrates this nicely. Also, as a lot of his humour centres around the quirks of human behaviour, it still rings true now.

But he also had a childish outlook that you can see not only in his brightly coloured drawings featuring caricatures, funny animals and fantastical inventions, but also in his appreciation of slapstick (as in A Strange Man, or En underlig mand, below).

Dorte loved his sketch of the vagrant walking away from the rat race and into a field of sunshine, so that came home with us in a frame from the gift shop.

It’s the sort of museum that might not stand out against the larger establishments in a guidebook about Copenhagen, but I definitely recommend it – and the fact that it’s right next to a fantastic park too makes it a great way to spend an afternoon here.

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