Cocktails at Lidkoeb

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March 29, 2013 by Matt

In London, I worked for a company that did the PR for the Experimental Cocktail Club, a brilliant bar in Chinatown. As such, I went there a lot of times in the last year of being in London and it certainly gave me a taste for a good cocktail bar. And by ‘good cocktail bar’, I mean vintage furniture, relaxed surroundings, no dress code, and of course, great drinks that go beyond the classic cocktails.

So I was excited to see when we moved to Copenhagen that there was a cocktail bar called Ruby here that was said to be one of the best bars in the world. I’ve only been once, and before I started this blog, but recently Ruby opened a sister bar called Lidkoeb on Vesterbrogade, and that was where we went for drinks with friends the other night.

Dorte had the good foresight to book, so once we’d found our way to the back row of buildings off the main road, guided by elegant signs and oil burners, we walked straight in to a great booth table and a menu that took a while to digest all the options. Service was good and the drinks came quickly enough (definitely not something that can be said for most cocktail bars). It’s a three floor building, but we only saw the main bar, which had at least one open fire and comfy seats next to it, as well as tables and lots of stools at the bar.

It’s a little out of the centre so if you’re just visiting Copenhagen you may prefer Ruby, which is very central, but if you live or are visiting Vesterbro, then it’s definitely worth a visit. They even had a cocktail called Sønder Boulevardier, named in honour of Sønder Boulevard, which just happens to be the road we’ve just bought a flat on. Naturally, I had one and it was excellent.

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