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October 13, 2013 by Matt

Friday night was Kulturenatten. That is a big night in Copenhagen.

The idea is that pretty much anything in Copenhagen that’s involved in the kommune (council), opens its doors one way or another, and for the price of one ticket (about 90 kroner, or £10), which gets you a badge as proof of entry, you can tour around town till about midnight enjoying as many things as you have the time or energy to see.

It’s a brilliant idea, and it seems like the whole city takes to the streets to see some fantastic things, many of which aren’t otherwise public.

Last year we enjoyed the zoo at night and a tour of the post office sorting depot (yeah, I know, it doesn’t sound like a great Friday night but trust me, it’s pretty spectacular in there and something you’d never get a chance to see otherwise).

On this year’s agenda, we went started off at Torvehallerne for some Danish tapas at our favourite food spot in the city, a large indoor market of foodie delights. Then round the corner we went to the Worker’s Museum, for a free trip around Denmark of yesteryear, then stopped off at the treasury to see the crown jewels in Rosenborg Castle. They had some wine bottles from 1615!

After that, we cycled down to Holmens Kirke, a very smart naval church on the canal that’s not normally open to the public. Then we queued to see the Danish parliament and walk around the building seeing all the politicians gladhand the masses for the evening.

Final stop of the night was Thorvaldsens Museum, one of the larger museums in the centre of town that features all of the sculptures of the eponymous Thorvaldsen, but with an array of quirky light displays layered over the art.

Photos of it all are below, and if you’re ever thinking of coming to Copenhagen, you really would do well to time your visit for the next Kulturenatten.

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