What’s wonderful about Copenhagen? Stuart…

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October 25, 2013 by Matt

I recently thought that it would be interesting to find out what some of the other expats living here think is wonderful about Copenhagen – different perspectives, other tips, and hopefully more reasons to love living in Denmark. So, the first person to complete the sentences I sent around was our Scottish friend Stuart, who we met through Eric & Cecelia. Over to you, Stu…

I am…Stuart, 40ish from Scotland.

Stuart ReidAnd I moved here in…early 2013 from Houston, Texas where my wife, I and our dog had been living for the last 4 years.

Because…I am a trailing spouse and follow my wife, Emily around the world, wherever her job takes her. Though there were other places we could have gone, we chose Copenhagen.

Best thing about living here is…the cycling culture and the weather. I absolutely love cycling and Copenhagen is one of the few places in the world that has sorted out the cycling infrastructure to make it a real pleasure, no matter what the weather, which leads me on to my next point. Coming from Scotland’s dreich climate and having to endure the swampy humidity of Houston for the last four years, the weather here is gorgeous. I am probably the only person to say that, but touch wood, there has been little rain, blue skies most days and the cold isn’t a problem. As the Danes love to say ‘Der findes intet der hedder dårligt vejr, kun dårligt påklædning’ (There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing).

If you move here, you should…Try living without a car if possible. It will depend on where you live in town, but getting around it so easy by bike, foot or public transport. You’ll be amazed at how much can be transported by bikes.

Living here is different becauseit is somewhere new to me.

And if I moved away, I’d misspicnics in the parks, and the many festivals that seem to be on every week.

If you’re visiting, make sure youtry the ‘all you can eat’ herring lunch buffet at Færgekro on Nyhavn. It’s a great chance to sample at least 10 different types of herring and make your own Smørrebrød.

In three words, Copenhagen ismore than a mermaid (ooops that’s four)

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