What’s wonderful about Copenhagen? Polly…

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November 30, 2013 by Matt

The responses from my fellow expats to my Wonderful CPH Q&A keep coming in, and the latest is Polly. I’ve met Polly a couple of times and she works with Dorte, but we haven’t had much chance to swap Copenhagen tips, so without further a do, take it away Polly…

Polly LutterI am… Polly, an English girl in Copenhagen.

And I moved here in… September 2012 after living in Sydney, Australia for the previous 3.5 years.

Because… I was approached by a Danish based company and offered a good relocation package! I had never been to Denmark before and never considered living here. But I like a challenge and it seemed like a great opportunity. Moving here at the start of the winter season was tough and it took me several months to feel settled, but time has flown by and the longer I’m here, the more I understand the people and love the place. Not sure I will ever master the language though!

Best thing about living here is… Cycling! Sounds like a cliché, but cycling isn’t just a mode of transport here, it’s a way of life. Also you have to love the efficient transport and healthcare systems, the beautiful cobbled streets and historic buildings, the close proximity to water (there are lakes, canals, harbours and beaches everywhere), blonde people and amazing pastries, cakes and marzipan. Swimming in the harbour this summer was a highlight.

If you move here, you should… forget about being fashionable and dress for the weather. Always wear a huge oversized scarf, whatever the season.

Living here is different because… People work to live, rather than live to work. Coming from the corporate worlds of London and Sydney, the concept of the ‘rat race’ doesn’t really exist here – the workday ends at 4pm. Most Danes are members of various sporting or social clubs and the emphasis is on lifestyle rather than climbing the corporate ladder.

And if I moved away, I’d miss… Tivoli, fur-trimmed coats, falling off my bike, drinking cocktails next to the canal, running past the elephants in Frederiksberg Have (park), and kanel snegle (cinnamon rolls).

If you’re just visiting, make sure you… go to the beautiful castle in Fredensborg, just north of Copenhagen. You can go there by train very easily. It’s a stunning castle in the middle of a lake, surrounded by lovely gardens and swans.

In three words, Copenhagen is… cosy, beautiful, underrated.

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