A soundtrack to Copenhagen

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November 5, 2012 by Matt

My friends Will & Jo posted an LP to me recently as a birthday gift, and it was a real delight, made all the nicer for the fact they’d recently visited us for our wedding, so I like to think they got to know the city a little before buying it. It’s called Copenhagen Dreams and is a very fitting soundtrack for the Danish capital.

It’s by Jóhann Jóhannsson, a Swedish composer who wrote a ‘soundtrack’ for Copenhagen and has songs that even reference places I’m already familiar with. A Memorial Garden On Enghavevej for instance is about the large road I live close to, and I assume refers to the large graveyard I wrote about here.

The music’s ambient, poignant, and probably a little cold and I absolutely love it. It’s a perfect tribute to the city I now call home – dark, brooding, a little cold and rainy, but ultimately attractive and familiar. It’s great. Copenhagen, and this album.

By the way, it’s pictured above with the brilliant lego model of Dorte and myself, riding away from the Town Hall on our wedding day on the Nihola bike we borrowed (that’s a bike with a large seated box on the front). You can see a picture of that in this post. The model was a wedding gift from Will & Jo too and was so detailed it even noted that my hair and beard colour are not the same. Yes, thanks for that guys!

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