Why I’m writing this


November 3, 2012 by Matt

A good place to start this account would be to explain who’s writing it and why.

So… my name’s Matt, I’m in my mid-thirties, British and live in Copenhagen with my Danish wife, Dorte. I moved here to Denmark in May 2012, and before that London was home and had been all my adult life. There wasn’t anything especially unusual about my London existence – media job, a lot of good friends, probably four or five nights out a week, and generally trying to enjoy life, despite its stresses. And at any point whilst living in London I’d have told you that it was the greatest city on the planet.

But we decided to move anyway. So why am I here? Here’s why…

There’s only one reason why I considered moving to Denmark, and she’s called Dorte. We met in London, fell in love, wanted to get married, and maybe live a more relaxed existence together. And Denmark was a pretty obvious option for us. After a lot of time convincing her that it was a serious option for me, we set about making it happen. Dorte got a job in Copenhagen and started that in February 2012, before I followed in May. We got married on September 1st 2012 in København’s Radhus (Town Hall), in what was hopefully a day representative of both our backgrounds.

Life in London can be tough – people have that big city shell around them, and that trickles into everything, so as great as it is there, it’s not all roses. And after 13 years for me and 18 years for Dorte, maybe that shell was getting a little too thick for comfort.

Copenhagen’s wonderful, and that’s what this blog is all about. It always felt ‘right’ here, and life’s for living so we both thought we’d try something new. Better to regret something you did than something you didn’t do. No regrets so far.

And here’s some reasons I didn’t move to Copenhagen…

If you work in media, then moving out of London is unlikely to be part of your career plan.

The Weather
We definitely didn’t move here for the weather. That would be madness.

The Language
It’s hard. Really hard. More on that, no doubt.

So that’s the background. If you live in Copenhagen, I hope you’ll see some things here that make you smile, or that you didn’t know about already. And if you don’t maybe you’ll come and visit, or think a bit more about that move that you’ve always had in the back of your head.

2 thoughts on “Why I’m writing this

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  2. Signe Thybo says:

    Hi Matt
    Great blog and great meeting you and Dorte here in wonderful CPH
    Anders & Signe

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