Sound Station

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November 14, 2012 by Matt

Since the first time I went in to Sound Station, a fantastic record shop on Gammel Kongevej, I suspected that it might be in fact one of the best record shops I’ve ever been in. One never likes to go over the top though, but each time I go back, I can find no reason to dispute that.

My record collection is fairly big (bigger than most people these days who have long since given up on vinyl), something which I point out only to hopefully substantiate my opinion – that’s a picture of it to the left. But why would you take my word for it? Sound Station themselves just posted an interview with producer Jim O’Rourke from Record Collector magazine on their Facebook page, and where does he mention as being his favourite record shop? Why, Sound Station of course. Click on the image to read the interview closer up.

He makes the main two points I think – they have brilliant records (which might sound like it should be a given for a record store but you’d be surprised how often that’s not the case) and they have wonderful, friendly staff. I find it hard to go in there and not spend way more than I should – for instance, the last time I went in a couple of weeks ago, I went in for the record on the right in the picture below (which they’d ordered in especially for me) and left with the records on the left. But like all good record stores, I never once felt bad about that – I just felt like I’d had fun and left with some real gems. Thanks guys!

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