We should copy the Danes and cycle

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November 14, 2012 by Matt

While on my trip to Spain last week I stocked up on some digital UK magazines to read on my iPad – that’s alright but buying physical British media is definitely one thing that I miss (though the newsagent in the basement at Magasin has a good range of international magazines).

One of those was The Week, a UK publication that digests the weekly news from lots of sources.

They featured one article written on US website Slate.com that I thought was worth sharing – the American writer was praising Copenhagen’s approach to cycling and bemoaning the fact that in the US, even in their most cycle-friendly city only 6% of people bike to work (as opposed to Copenhagen’s 37%). It’s not the first article like this that I’ve seen from foreign media praising CPH’s cycling set-up, but it’s always nice to see another one. Read the full article here.

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