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January 26, 2013 by Matt

Since I arrived here last May, several of Copenhagen’s major streets have been massively disrupted with the works for the metro extension. There are parts of my local neighbourhood that I can’t really imagine without their tall green wooden fences, surrounding large sites that will one day either be stations or are just being used right now to create the tunnels.

London was going through a similar phase when I left there, as the Crossrail was being built and causing similar levels of chaos around central parts of the city. But here in Denmark they’ve chosen to turn those large fences into a canvas, at least round my way.

On Sønder Boulevard and Enghave Plads especially, they’ve become the backdrop for some really magnificent pieces. I’ve lazily labelled all of the pictures below as graffiti but they go well beyond that – they are works of art. Alas, some of them have been up for a while and some less discerning souls have already added their own tags over the top, but hopefully you’ll still be able to appreciate the works underneath. And they have such great variety too. My personal favourites are the robot last supper and the one with wooden towers that looks like something from a Gorillaz album. Fantastic stuff.

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