Winter cycling

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January 28, 2013 by Matt

Needless to say, as it’s not even February yet there are no signs of the winter disappearing from Denmark, despite the occasional above-zero temperature giving some temporary false hope.

And Dorte and I have been doing a lot of cycling around town recently, as we continue our search to find a flat to buy here. My existing bike, a speedy Scott P4 Sportster, has failed to cope with the freezing temperatures, so I had no choice but to buy a much more CPH bike (i.e. one with a lot less moving parts that could get frozen!). To defend myself briefly, I probably could have got by on my Scott bike, but as the pedals were giving out in the middle of busy junctions, it began to feel a little too exciting for my own good. The fact that I’ve hankered after a classic sit-up-and-beg bike since I got here, and shot at the chance to buy one, is neither here nor there, I assure you.

So the picture of me beaming with my bike is of course of my new bike, courtesy of AH Cykler. Best bit – having a basket. It’s just so darned useful.

Also in the gallery below are a couple of shots from cycling out to the beach on Amager (the island below Zealand, where Copenhagen centre is). It was blowy and bleak, but beautiful too.

Then there’s a rather grizzly close up of the effects of snow on beard. Don’t worry, it melts quickly.

And finally, I love the guy walking (or rather, running) his dog in the cycle lane. Healthy pooch!

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