The Barking Dog

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April 7, 2013 by Matt

At the time I didn’t feel like I was hibernating through the winter months, but as the sun starts to show a little and that feeling of spring gets stronger and stronger, it’s pretty obvious that our lives in the past couple of weeks are more active than they were for months.

So last week we went to Lidkoeb for drinks, and this week it was another recently opened cocktail bar, The Barking Dog. Hat tip to my friend Julie who knows her way around all the best bars (I should clarify that – she works in drinks PR, and isn’t an enormous alcoholic), as she sent me a link to a feature that listed four of the best new bars in Copenhagen. Pleasingly, Lidkoeb was on there and the next most appealing was The Barking Dog.

The cocktail menu has a passing mention to London in it, and the red velvet seating, black panelled wall and the copper jugs and pans that decorated the windowsills definitely reminded me of an English country pub that had been decorated in the 70s in mock Tudor fashion and not updated since then. Of course, The Barking Dog, being new and in Denmark, was presumably doing this in an ironic, or perhaps affectionate way. Anyhow, it definitely looked like there was a strong British influence in there.

The drinks were good, coming from a decent menu that wasn’t quite as comprehensive as other cocktail bars, but then the whole atmosphere was more relaxed and seemed to take itself less seriously – they describe themselves as a “cocktail pub” on the website, and that sums it up pretty well. There was a good beer selection too, including the house pilsner, made by Hancock but in special Barking Dog bottles.

Well worth a trip, but as with anywhere in Copenhagen on a Friday night, do youself a massive favour and book a table…



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