Where to hang out in CPH

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April 11, 2013 by Matt

If you live here and want to know what the general view of your neighbourhood is, or are thinking of visiting and want to know where to hang out, then check out this flow chart of Copenhagen’s main districts. There’s a screen grab below, but better to click on this link and see the full page on Visit Denmark, which has a summary of each neighbourhood too.

I’ve seen something like this before for London and other places, and these kind of simple graphics about a city will never be anything more than a bit of fun, but sometimes that’s all you need. Sure, it’s a snappy glimpse of the general character of some parts of the town, but most places can be what you make of them. We live in Vesterbro, and yes it does have more than its fair share of “youthful vibe” floating about the place, but that’s not really us, so in that sense it’s not the be-all and end-all of the place and not something that I would use to describe it.

But I’m rambling – like I said, it’s a bit of fun and worth a read…

The flowchart of Copenhagen's districts

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