Nimb’s cocktail bar – birthday part 1

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July 2, 2013 by Matt

I heard tell of a magical bar a while ago that I knew I had to visit before too long – the bar at Nimb, the hotel and restaurant that’s attached to the wonderful Tivoli park.

Luckily for me, my wife made that wish come true yesterday, on my birthday.

Why is it magical? A couple of reasons, chief of which is that it’s a very large, beautiful room, with only a handful of comfy chairs and sofas. Nothing unique in that, but their trick apparently is that they don’t allow people to stand in there – so no matter how busy it gets, it can never feel that busy. I should caveat that by saying that we were there on a Monday night so it wasn’t busy anyway, but let’s assume that’s true anyway because it’s a wonderful idea.

Cocktails were good (about 110dkk each), service was good, and the setting was brilliant. Quiet, relaxed but grand. In other words, perfect. And then we went to Tivoli…

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