Graveyards in Autumn

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October 10, 2013 by Matt

The Vestre Kirkegård that I’ve written about before has become far and away my favourite place to walk Peanut. That’s me below trying to get a selfie of us together. Fail.

Walking in Peanut in Vestre KirkegårdIt’s a short bike ride away (Pea’s got used to the bike basket commute pretty quickly), is always quiet and there’s never any litter there, which is the bane of our life on our local walk around Sønder Boulevard.

It’s a beautiful place – a combination of impressive 19th century tombs, formal gardens with sculptures, large chapels, ponds and small lakes, and dedicated burial areas including, for example, German soldiers from WWII, English soldiers from WWI, Faroe Islanders, Greenlanders and other religions such as Muslims and Catholics. It’s Denmark’s largest graveyard in fact, and is clearly steeped in history. Most of it will be lost in time now (I’d love to know why one grave is in the middle of a hedgerow, for instance), but last night I finally remembered to look online for some sort of guide, and sure enough here it is. Most of the names don’t mean much to me, but at least there’s a rough colour code as to who they were. The guide’s below and can be found here to download.

It’ll give me something to look at next time Peanut’s lost in a bush somewhere.

Map of Vestre Kirkegaard

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