Mikkeller & Friends beer bar

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November 1, 2013 by Matt

Finally had a chance the other night to go the new(ish) Mikkeller & Friends bar in Nørrebro.

Eric and I ducked in there after Danish class on a Thursday, and got there just early enough to get a couple of stools.

A selection of some small Mikkellers

Make no mistake – Mikkeller isn’t a brewery for those who prefer an easy lager because you really need to want to drink something a bit different, with often stronger, hoppy flavours, interesting taste combinations and more often than not, higher alcohol percentages. And I have to say, it ain’t cheap – two 40cl beers (just a bit more than a Coke can each) and a big bag of crisps set us back 150kr (about £15). But then that’s not a complaint that can only be levelled at Mikkeller.

An expensive but delicious combination

And to compensate, there are many positives – the beers were brilliant (and we tried a few!), and the bar’s just the right balance between cool and welcoming, with its pastel blues giving it a light feeling that you don’t normally get in beer bars, and the staff were helpful with any explanations on the beer menu.

And all of their beers come in small sizes too, which is probably the best way to enjoy them, because the 8/9/10% becomes a little less of a concern, and it’s not such a problem if you pick one with a flavour that doesn’t quite do it for you.

Just try to go on a night when you don’t have to get up too early the next day…

Couple more? Why not...

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