More beady art


March 27, 2014 by Matt

Spotted this impressive collage on an electrical box on Ingerslevsgade yesterday and it looks like it’s the same artist that put these folks up on Sønder Boulevard. It’s made up of lots of small plastic beads, in case you can’t make that out in the picture.

I’ll be on the hunt for more around here. Anyone know who it is?? It seems to say ABYS 2014 at the bottom but Google’s not helping me there. Whoever you are, keep up the good work!

Bead art on Ingerslevsgade

2 thoughts on “More beady art

  1. stuart999 says:

    Possibly these guys

    • Matt says:

      Good find Stuart! Could be them, or maybe they’re just using the same materials – there’s a definite difference in tone between the two, but even so it’s something else for me to keep an eye out for…cheers!

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