CPH Post review: Lundgren Torvet

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December 12, 2012 by Matt

The natural thing to follow my first contribution to the Copenhagen Post with, is of course my second contribution. So here it is, a restaurant review of a local spot called Lundgren Torvet.

The hyggeligt interior of Lundgren Torvet, with wife in foreground

It was an interesting challenge creating an editorial story around a restaurant review – AA Gill obviously has no trouble with that, but for me it was a novel experience which I really enjoyed. Ditto the restaurant, as you’ll tell if you read the review. The paper’s available at (some) good newsagents now – or read it in full online here!

Oh, and I took the photo too, though I wouldn’t claim it’s one of my better shots! Though I did manage to sneak a picture of my wife in, which is nice.

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