What’s wonderful about Copenhagen? Emily…

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November 2, 2013 by Matt

Here’s the second response to my questions asking other expats here what they love about living in Copenhagen. Read on to see what Emily thinks of it here, and click here to see what her husband Stuart said in the first response…

Emily FergusonI am…Emily from Scotland, although I don’t sound it
And I moved here in…in February 2013 with my husband and dog
Because…of my job and the opportunity to experience a different culture whilst being situated back in Europe (previously spent some time in the States – well actually, Texas!)
Best thing about living here is…my bicycle – it takes me to work, it takes me to the pub and home again
If you move here, you should…expect it to be different to wherever you came from, and definitely get a bicycle!
Living here is different because…people go swimming naked in the sea even when there is ice on the rocks and the ladies continue to wear scarfs even when it is the middle of summer
And if I moved away, I’d miss…just being able to enjoy the beautiful architecture, the views across the lakes and smell of the sea, and that is just on my daily commute to work
If you’re just visiting, make sure you…walk, walk and maybe bike some more around the city, then go and sit outside with a blanket on your lap under a gas heater, enjoying a beer and watching the snow falling or possibly the rain, whichever it is it does not matter – there is just something magical about it, or as the Danes would say, it gives the feeling of ‘hygge’
In three words, Copenhagen is…pastries, bicycles, blondes

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