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March 16, 2014 by Matt

On Christmas day, Dorte, Peanut and I went down to Bryggebroen, a place, or rather a structure, that I’ve written about before here.

It’s beautiful in many ways, not least for the view along the water, but also for its simple and effective two lane design that means pedestrians and cyclists can both get to where they’re going in harmony next to one another. Much like the rest of Copenhagen, I suppose.

But our journey on December 25th (which will always be Christmas Day to me, no matter how long I live in Denmark*) was about much more than the scenery. On the link above I wrote about the tradition of placing padlocks on the bridge, to signify love. Yes, it’s corny, but it’s also romantic and felt like something that we really ‘should’ do while living here. And we both had that feeling because we both had the same idea to give the other one padlocks for Christmas, blissfully ignorant that we would get them in return. But that, I think, is also perfect.

So here’s Dorte and Pea locking a little bit of us to the bridge, possibly forever, or for as long as they’ll let us anyway.

Dorte and Peanut take a moment Our padlocks on the bridge


* Danes and the rest of Scandinavia do most of their Christmas celebrating on December 24th.

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